SPACE Interspace Miniatures
by unknown manufacturer and KRESGE

Kresge logo

Sebastian S. Kresge (1867 - 1966) started a chain of 85 five & dime stores in 1912, which sold a variety of merchandise including cheap toys. Although he opened his first Kmart in 1962 and the SS Kresge Corporation formally changed its name to Kmart in 1977, the two chains existed side-by-side until the last Kresge stores were sold off in 1987.

Kresge marketed a range of at least four Spacex copies (see below), bought in from an unknown Hong Kong manufacturer who also sold the series themselves. Everything was identical, except for two details. Kresge had their trademark, name and address added to the printing of the backing card, and the Space name was moved a bit to the left, presumably to make room for a larger price sticker (sadly cut off on the most complete example I have).

comparison of original and Kresge cards

The "Space" logo at the top of the card is most reminiscent of the logo for Gerry Anderson's "Space 1999" TV series, first broadcast in 1975 and which might thus provide a pointer for dating this series of Spacex copies. The card illustration shows four Spacex vehicles which will have been part of this range. Whether the LEM and UFO in the illustration were also toys is anybody's guess.

4 spacex vehicles shown in card background

But perhaps this series included more than the four toys illustrated on the backing card. I have a copy of a Spacex Hawk which I'm inclined to believe was part of this range, and so have listed this below as well.

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link to Cricket copy by unknown manufacturer

Cricket P1 copy
(unknown manufacturer and Kresge)

link to Kresge Freighter copy

Nuclear Freighter copy

link to Hawk copy

Hawk copy
(likely by same unknown manufacturer and Kresge)

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