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Other than the mention of being "Manufactured in the British Crown Colony of Hong Kong" we don't know anything about who made these particular toys. They're clearly based on Spacex designs (or copies of same, see their Freighter and MEV2 copies), but are completely different in detail and engineering. And pretty shoddily so, in fact. Each vehicle is rather crudely moulded and rather thickly chrome-plated with coloured varnish sprayed on. There is much less in the way of moving parts too, and more often than not one finds parts have come loose inside the packs as well. So, all in all, whoever it was that decided to copy Spacex toys all those years ago actually did his toys a favour - for it's mainly the Spacex connection that ensures his toys have any interest to the collector of today. :)

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Space Loader

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Space Car

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Moon Explorer

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Space Patrol

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Eagle Wing Sweep

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Nova II

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