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Cricket P1 copy by an unknown maker

At first glance, this copy appears to be identical to the Spacex original. But differences are certainly there, as shown below.

This particular example was found in Holland, indicating whoever made this series didn't just sell to the US alone.


Launcher length

78 mm
40 mm
39 mm
48 mm

3 1/16 in
1 9/16 in
1 1/2 in
1 7/8 in

Kresge - Spacex Cricket comparison - overall

Like all the toys from this series, the colour is more drab compared to the Spacex original. And there aren't any stickers with markings.

Kresge - Spacex Cricket comparison - front panels

The chromed panels on the nose are also different - the Spacex original has 13 slats and the copy has 12.

Kresge - Spacex Cricket comparison - chassis

The chassis have the most obvious differences The Spacex original has extra reinforcemnts that the copy lacks and the markings are also different. This was also all visible on my examples that are still packed (the lettering being sufficiently raised to see it at the rear inside the blister) confirming these are the same vehicle.


Spacex markings


copy markings


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