Privacy & cookies


I'm curious by nature. Where my curiosity about my toys has resulted in this website, which I hope you'll enjoy and find useful. Having put a lot of work into it, I trust you'll understand I'm now curious about its success, about which pages are popular, maybe find the odd spot to improve, that sort of thing.

My ISP provides some very basic statistics for free, which show I do get visitors from all over the world and which have also allowed me to fix a couple of faulty internal links. But they're very basic, and as you may notice from this site, I like knowing any details I can find, if only for my own information/satisfaction. :) So I've now added Google Analytics, also out of curiosity on what that is all about.

Google Analytics uses cookies and requires I have a privacy policy as well. So here goes:


You are hereby advised that visiting this site results in cookies being stored on your device, for the sole purpose of analysing traffic via Google Analytics. Google recommends I link to this page where they have some information (most of which isn't relevant to this site as I'll explain below) as well as advice (including how to get a browser add-on that blocks Google Analytics, here and everywhere). If you really don't like cookies at all, then you can also tell your browser to refuse some or all of them - you'll find how to do so amongst your browser's preferences.


Google doesn't include any personally identifying information about you in their Analytics reports to me. All I get is some information about the device and browser you're using, and your geographic location (which my ISP already tells me as well). And even if I -could- find out who you are (at time of writing IP adresses may be retrieved from Analytics with very technical tweaks apparently), then I still wouldn't make use of that information, assuming I could think up a reason for doing so to begin with. I'm a toy collector, not some nefarious salesman or worse. :)
I also wouldn't send any unsollicited messages - I'm always happy to meet a fellow Spacex enthusiast, but I'm leaving it up to you to get in touch (my contact is at the end of the Home and About pages).
Long story short, your privacy is safe inasmuch as I'm concerned. Google may get to know more about you, but that's outside my control or responsibility (and anyway, the only new thing they'll learn is your interest in these toys).

Getting back to Google's page linked above, a lot of what's on that page in terms of data collection doesn't apply to this site. This site is non-commercial, so there aren't any banner ads, adwords and what-have-you that would also use cookies with more extensive purposes. Nor are there any social media links here, so no cookies for that sort of thing either. The only relevant use of data on that page is to "Help website and app owners using Google Analytics to understand how visitors engage with their sites or apps" and I hope you won't object to that in my case. Thank you.