Explorer MEV2 copy for Kresge

Another copy that looks very close to the Spacex original, but again moulded in more drab-looking colours.
At 16¢ it was cheap compared to the 49¢ for a Golden Astronaut original, though it didn't come with an astronaut figure.

Toy size


Height (minus
arm & antenna)
Arm length

77 mm
42 mm
29 mm

52 mm

3 1/32 in
1 5/8 in
1 1/8 in

2 1/16 in

Card Size


15 cm
10.1 cm

5 7/8 in
3 15/16 in

Kresge - Spacex MEV2 comparison

Other than the drab colouring, the copy appears to have a larger cockpit dome. Early Spacex MEV2s have a magenta pink arm so the choice of arm colour for the copy may be based on that.

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