Mixed and Mismatched

As will be clear from this section, manufacturers in Hong Kong had a lively tradition of 'finding inspiration' from the products of their competitors. Many a design got re-used by being copied and usually simplified. And then combined with other copies to make up new sets of cheap toys, destined for the lower end of the western markets.
There's no way of compiling a comprehensive list of these products, nor is that the intention of this site. But here are a few examples, shown because they contain copies of toys we've seen before in other guises. Pictures of others will of course be interesting to see!

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link to anonymous Space Set

Anonymous Space Set

link to Blue Shield set

Blue Shield

link to H.F. popper figures

H.F. Jumping Space Toys

link to MT Space Explorers set

Space Explorers by Multiple Toymakers

link to Unique cake decorations