MORTOYS - Six in One Space Set


Mortoys logo

Mortoys stands for Mort Alexander Ltd, a Hong Kong producer of all manner of reasonably cheap, plastic toys ranging from robots to slot race tracks and trains to Mego-sized action figures. They also marketed this imaginative play set, which contains parts for six different vehicles to fit on one common, motorised chassis (see picture at bottom of page). Next to three body shells clearly based on Spacex toys, there are two more that are closely related in that they're derived from vehicles from various Gerry Anderson productions. One design we can't place however.

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Link to Mortoys Cricket copy

Cricket copy

Link to Mortoys Freighter copy

Nuclear Freighter copy

Link to Mortoys Tractor copy

Tractor copy

Link to Mortoys unknown type

unknown type

Link to Mortoys Firefly type

Thunderbirds Firefly type

Link to Mortoys MSV type

Spectrum MSV type

Link to Mortoys chassis


Link to Mortoys box

Box top & side

Mortoys Spacex-ased vehicle parts and chassis

Parts for the three Spacex-based body shells shown with the chassis these fit on.

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