Space Set by unknown manufacturer

A nice collection of all-sorts: A Mercury capsule (lower left), Thunderbird 3 and 5 (centre and lower right - TB5 being a simplified copy of a toy by Bandai), with an extremely simple Molab and Spectrum SPV in yellow, the whole lot complemented with copied MPC figures. The presence of the Spectrum vehicle from Captain Scarlet would mean this set couldn't have been assembled earlier than 1967.

Card size


23 cm
19.3 cm

9 1/12 in
7 2/3 in

copy of MPC figure compared to original

The moulding of the astronaut figures is much simplified compared to the MPC originals. A bit of paint provides some detail, but why these figures have no bases is a mystery...

The Molab from this set is shown in more detail in the Origins section.
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