LP Exploring on the Moon box front

- set contents features an Apollo LEM in orange and a flag in red plastic.
- the number on the box isn't legible in the picture above, but another example on eBay had pictures clear enough to make out the number 48-24397. Arto Haarala then pointed out its similarity to the number on the Apollo Exploration boxed set (linked at left), which was a Montgomery Ward's exclusive in the US and has a stock number in the format used by that company. Ergo, the LP set on this page might also have been distributed by Ward's to carry such a stock number. However, John Eaton kindly checked his Ward's catalogues for 1969 and '70 (the presence of the two Apollo astronaut figures would rule out an earlier date) and didn't find mention of this set, so the mystery remains...

LP Exploring on the Moon box sides

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