LP 608B



25.5 cm
19 cm

10 in
7 1/2 in

The 608 series has the same name and graphics as the 607 series, but has more toys on a substantially larger blister card. The card shown above is #608B. What is interesting is that this number is sitting on a little sticker (see below) which covers the number printed on the card itself.

Note: illustration of Apollo CSM and LEM would date this series to 1969 or later.

card number on sticker on card card number on sticke ron card

Here's another card from the series, where unfortunately the card number and suffix are hidden behind the MLP. The presence of Apollo astronauts would date this set to 1969 or later.
Found in Argentina, there's a little card stapled to the corner from Bauer Toys Co Ltd of Hong Kong. Incorporated in July 1966 and dissolved in March 1986, I believe this company to've been a toy exporter. The card has the reference number 1088 (also written in ballpoint pen at the top of the blister card) and description of "assorted space sets" which are packed "1 doz / 1/2 doz". The text on the side may possibly say "75 Cts" (75 Argentine Centavos) but not certain.

Bauer card detail

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