Long-range Needle Probe custom by Bill Bulloch

Bill Bulloch is inspired by Spacex in many ways: he loves discussing the toys, researching them, and building various types of toy vehicles as can be seen here.

The first four are what he calls "Spacex Stage 3" vehicles, developments on the Stage 1 designs made from broken toys he obtained in various lots over time.

Spacex Recovery Vehicle custom by Bill Bulloch Spacex Command Vehicle custom by Bill Bulloch Spacex Moon Ranger custom by Bill Bulloch

Not fond of the original yellow colour of the Nuclear Pulse, Bill restored a damaged example to look like the blue prototype version, and added some more detailing while he was at it.

Blue Nuclear Pulse by Bill Bulloch

Inspired by Kevin Davies' models (see further on in this section), Bill also had a shot at building an upscaled Nova Rocket before Kevin revealed his.

Up-scaled Nova rocket by Bill Bulloch

Being a fine photographer, Bill had some fun with paperback covers portraying Spacex design origins.

Rocket Stories cover by Bill Bulloch


Sinister Barrier cover by Bill Bulloch

And being as interested in vintage Lego as he is in space toys, it's no surprise that Bill ended up combining the two in this MEV-2 made from Lego parts.

Lego MEV-2 by Bill Bulloch

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