Thrift Toys MEV-2 copy

Thrift Toys simply stapled one of their standard cardboard riders to an existing blister card from their supplier. This sadly doesn't have any information on who that may have been.

Thrift Toys MEV-2 copy side view

Toy size

Height (minus
arm & antenna)
Arm length

77 mm
42 mm
29 mm

52 mm

3 1/32 in
1 5/8 in
1 1/8 in

2 1/16 in

Card size

(minus added
Thrift Toys rider)


17.7 cm
12.7 cm

7 in
5 in

Thrift Toys MEV-2 copy compared to Spacex original

The Thrift Toys copy is almost completely identical to the Spacex original (other than the colours and the driver figure not being plated). The only difference is that the copy has a ladder shape moulded onto both sides of the body which isn't present on the Spacex MEV-2. The copy doesn't carry any markings underneath, as did the first version of the Spacex original.

Thrift Toys MEV-2 copy detail

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