Mini Capitán Boy packs from 1973 catalogue

The 1973 Lili Ledy Festival catalogue only shows part of the Mini Capitán Boy series. But although rather small, it does show the contents of the blister cards more clearly than does the documentary film (as shown below).

The graphics of the cards are taken over from Golden Astronaut card designs; if the background illustrations aren't identical then they don't appear to differ much. The colours for the themes are green with a yellow edge for Base de Lanzamiento, purple with an orange edge for Exploración Lunar and (hard to see in the film image) what looks like orange with a dark blue or black edge for Patrulla Interplanetaria. The larger De Luxe card is in purple with a pink edge.

The catalogue shows the cards without a blister, to avoid reflections in the photographs. In the film the blisters are present (and reflecting), while the cards with mini Billy Blastoff designs appear to have an extra cardboard frame under the blister as well.

Mini Capitán Boy packs shown in 1972 documentary film

In the enlarged catalogue image, note the helicopter does not have double white lines, nor plated hubcaps. The rotor appears to be in the same pale purple colour as the fuselage, without plating as well.

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