On this page are collected the figures which we're sure were copied from Spacex figures, and not from the originals for Spacex figures by LP or MPC. The reasoning being that such figures were included with toys that were also copied from or inspired by Spacex toys.


Linda figure with Spacex original

The figures supplied with Linda's Apollo Spacers toys are clearly copied from an LP figure as supplied with Spacex. I have no idea how many different poses may exist, for the few cards I have all contain the same figure. Linda figures are easy to spot: they are more crudely sculpted, appear less glossy and have a base that's more square than oval and marked Hong Kong in a circular recess. Picture shows (l to r, t to b): LP original, Linda copy, LP base and Linda base.


Sitap figures compared to Spacex figure

The two Sitap figures (at right) are based on Spacex figures copied from a 5" MPC figure (middle) and a 2" MPC figure (right). They appear to be somewhat smaller compared to the Spacex figure at left. Sitap figures look more crudely finished (quite unlike the well-engineered Sitap vehicles), which makes me suspect they were bought in from another manufacturer. Plating doesn't appear very durable, and it looks like all these figures were moulded in black plastic.

Sitap figures compared to Spacex figures

Another two Sitap figures (at right) compared to two Spacex figures at left (the left-most being an LP design, the second being a copy of another 5" MPC figure for comparison.

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