Harett-Gilmar Space Commando figures

Space Commandos consist of helmeted riflemen and caped commanders, measuring 37 mm - 1 1/2 in from head to toe, and found in two colours. They are copies of figures from the Adventure 2000 range by Matchbox (opens in new window), and do not carry any markings.

Ex-LP aliens as supplied in Harett-Gilmar sets

Five of the ubiquitous LP aliens were supplied with HG playsets, moulded in silver grey. The original LP trademark has been made illegible to the point of being almost invisible underneath the bases; the HK marking having been left untouched.

Markings under alien bases, showing partially deleted LP trademark
Harett-Gilmar robot figures

The two robot figures come in red and blue, measuring 55 mm - 2 1/8 in from head to toe. Both are marked "HG HK" on the rear.

Markings on H)G robots

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