LP Spaceship


(excl 'antenna')

86 mm

39 mm
37 mm

3 7/8 in

1 9/16 in
1 1/2 in




always white with red engines

may exist in other colours next to plated

This toy is a simplified version of Wernher von Braun's RM-1 lunar reconnaissance spaceship featured in Disney's 1955 "Man and the Moon" TV special, albeit with added chines (the extensions on each side of the fuselage), small stubby wings and much simplified fuel tanks at the rear. The nose antenna is in fact a nuclear reactor with a large circular shield to protect the crew from radiation.
Thanks to the internet, we can watch Dr von Braun himself explaining this spacecraft (some 40 seconds after video start), after which Disney take over to show it in action.

"Man and the Moon" can be watched from the start on YouTube (opens in new window), with the next parts available in the recommendations.
The RM-1 subsequently appeared in a Disney book based on the series, on a cover of Life magazine as well as a model kit by Strombecker (open in new windows).