LP copy of Spacex Helicopter P3


Width (wheels)
Height (body)
Rotor span

61 mm
24 mm
45 mm
73 mm

2 7/16 in
15/16 in
1 3/4 in
2 7/8 in



slight differences in shade of purple

Comparison of LP copy and Spacex original helicopters

The LP copy (left) is somewhat smaller in size and differs in a few details from the Spacex original (right).

early LP copy without fins and revised box pic

An early LP version does not have the horizontal fins at the rear of the fuselage, and still
has the full tailfin in front of the engine as per the Spacex original as well as the point on
its tail (compare with later version above). So did LP get told off for copying Spacex
toys as well, despite being a supplier of astronaut figures?
As Bill Bulloch discovered, a close look at the Apollo Exploration box top shows that the horizontal fins were quickly added to the photograph while the end of the tail was
painted out as well.

That image provides a rough date for when the toy was changed, in that the Apollo Exploration box was offered as a Montgomery Ward's exclusive in their 1970 (and 1971) catalogue(s), which will have been produced in late 1969. The boxes will have gone into production a lot earlier though. However, a picture (below) showing LP set 901F still shows the early version (use your browser's Back button to return here). These sets commemorate the first Moon landing, and will therefore have been produced in the late summer of 1969. All of this would indicate the toy and Apollo Exploration box artwork must have been changed during the autumn of 1969.

early LP copy without fins in LP set 901F


Spacex markings

Spacex markings

LP copy markings

LP copy markings (no trademark present)

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