LP alien figures - grey with painted details



20 - 26 mm   13/16 - 1 in
Height differs due to individual poses and varying thickness of bases.



moulded in silver-grey, dark grey, blue and red with or without painted details. Or plain plated. See below.

LP aliens variations

LP aliens in silvery grey plastic and dark grey plastic with painted details, silvery grey and plain plated with no painted details.


LP alien markings

Markings consist of the LP trademark and Hong Kong initials

LP aliens in larger size

Large LP Aliens with their smaller equivalent. These exist in three different colours with painted details and are some 40 - 54 mm / 1 9/16 - 2 1/8 in tall.

LP large alien markings

Large figures are marked with the LP trademark, made in Hong Kong text and
all carry the number 204.

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