LP Space Dog

The LP Space Dog has friction-driven rear wheels. The dog's eyes are a white ball with black spots spraypainted on it, which rotates when the dog is in motion. As shown below, the ball protrudes from underneath the dog, and has a ribbed central band to improve grip. The dog's vest has so far been found painted in red or yellow, and its black ears can be swivelled round.



140 mm
75 mm
50 mm

5 1/2 in
2 15/16 in
1 15/16 in

Underside of LP Space Dog

The underside of the dog carries the LP trademark and the number 108. Also visible are the rear wheels in rubber, and the white rotating eye ball with spray-painted black spots. The two halves of this ball were subsequently used as domes in a number of sets of smaller toys (use link on that page or your browser's Back button to return here).

LP Space Dog box

The Space Dog was initially sold in a box, also carrying the number 108 on the side flaps. The box is a snug fit, so its dimensions are only slightly larger than those of the dog itself.

LP Space Dog in baggy with card rider

The Space Dog was subsequently sold in a baggy with cardboard rider, carrying the number 108A. This is similar to the numbering of the Space Bus (qv) of 101 for box and 101A for blister card.
(This practice makes more sense than my previous theory of 108A being this Space Dog and a possible 108B being another animal with similar eyes on a smaller-sized ball. This smaller-sized ball did exist, as shown by the two sizes of domes linked to above. And different versions of a toy sharing the same product number was also widely practiced by LP. But apparently not in this case or during their early days.)

LP Space Dog rider

Card rider size


16 cm
7 cm

6 5/16 in
2 3/4 in

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