LP pack 201P4A LP pack 201P4B

The 8 different figures were divided into two sets of four, pack numbers 201P4A and B.
I believe early sets had the A and B reversed out of all four print colours (as on set A shown above), while later sets had the distinguishing letter only in black on a white square (as shown on set B). Both set boxes would be printed consecutively, and changing only the black plate to change from A to B is a lot cheaper than having to change all four printing plates.

Box size


13.4 cm
2.5 cm
8.1 cm

5 1/4 in
1 in
3 3/16 in

- back of pack shows four pictures taken from Mattel packaging or promotion for their Major Matt Mason range of 6" toy astronauts.
- insert illustration is copied from the box lid of the Blast-Off board game by Waddington's (see below) This game was introduced in the second half of 1969 because the instructions for the game include pictures of Apollo 11 on the moon. (The capsules flying above the Moon are earlier Gemini craft btw).
- a version of the B set produced for Clifford is shown in the Repackaged section
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Waddington's Blast-Off game

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