Despite being cheap plastic toys, Spacex and Golden Astronauts got about as much advertising to the consumer as more expensive toys would. What we've found so far is shown below.

In the US, it were primarily budget department stores as well as the mail order companies that included Golden Astronauts in their catalogues. In the UK, advertising was more extensive, with the Spacex range receiving fairly regular advertising support in boys' comics papers. And I do believe there's at least one campaign (the 1969 launch ads) we haven't found yet.

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1969 Morgan press ad

Morgan Press Advertisement
19 July 1969

1969/70 Penney catalogues

1969 & 1970 JC Penney
Xmas Catalogues

1969 Ward catalogue

1969 Montgomery Ward
Xmas Catalogue

1969 Steinberg-Baum toy book

Steinberg-Baum Toy Book
30 November 1969

1970 Meccano Magazine

Meccano Magazine
January 1970

Spacex Age colour ads Spacex Age BW full page ads Spacex Age BW half page ads 1970 UK quarter page ads 1970 UK BWM and three-eights page ads

UK Advertisements
June-August 1970

1970 UK comic ad 1 1970 UK comic ad 2 1970 UK comic ad 3 1970 UK comic ad 4

UK Comic Advertisements
October-November 1970

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