This clip by British Movietone news gives us a small peek at the Brighton Toy Fair in January, 1970. And at the very end (around 1 min 25 sec), the focus is on a display of Spacex toys!

If you pause the clip, you can see that on top of the revolving moon is a LEM and a LAMA (as well as an astronaut figure on its back, possibly giddy from the moon's rapid rotation), while lower down half out of view is a Forklift. Hovering at left is a pair of Soyuz craft. Visible in the background are two Stage 1 blister cards, one containing a Nova rocket. These early-type cards still being presented together with later Pippin-produced toys would be an indication the Stage 1 toys most likely never received redesigned cards.

Spotted by Rob Godwin, newsreel footage by British Pathé of the run-up to Xmas in 1969 shows a Super Set 1 in a toy shop window in Carnaby Street, London. It's visible just underneath the Pathé logo at 1 min 14 secs, but only for a second or two so pause the clip there. This clip contains raw footage without sound; the finished feature (where the shop window is even less visible) is also on YouTube (opens in new window).

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