Spacex GA Nuclear Freighter

Early versions with separately-moulded tails at right, later versions with moulded-in tails at left. Both colour combinations were available concurrently although the early lemon-yellow colour is exclusive to Spacex, later being changed to a darker more orangey shade. The early version was only briefly sold in the Golden Astronaut series before the moulds were changed to include the tails.


(separate tails)
(moulded-in tails)

75 mm
66 mm

35 mm
31 mm

2 15/16 in
2 5/8 in

1 3/8 in
1 1/4 in


Top hatch can be (carefully!) opened


NF2 markings
Nuclear Freigher hatch colours


The tint of yellow changed from a greenish yellow to an orange-yellow. My early version with separate green fins also shows a paler colour of green plastic used for the lower body and fins. The clear plastic for the fragile hatch cover can be in various tints of blue (see lower picture).


- Green over yellow, separate yellow tails, trademarked
- Yellow over green, separate green tails, trademarked
- Green over orange-yellow, separate orange-yellow tails, trademarked
- Orange-yellow over green, separate green tails, trademarked
- Green over orange-yellow, moulded-in tails, trademarked
- Orange-yellow over green, moulded-in tails, trademarked


- Green over yellow, separate yellow tails, no trademark
- Yellow over green, separate green tails, no trademark

Because the Nuclear Freighter NF2 received its trademark before the body top mould was altered to include the tails,
I don't expect to find a version with tails moulded in and no trademark.

As an additional note, the UK design registration document (linked below) is dated 22 August 1969, and shows a Freighter still with separately moulded tails, and with the trademark already present. This proves there will be no versions with moulded-in tails and no trademark.


NF2 Spacex card
NF2 GA card


Golden Astronaut

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NF2 origin

A space liner being captured by space pirates in a Fireball XL-5 comic strip by Mike Noble, published 4 June 1966 in TV21 magazine #71.

Registered Design/Design Patent

NF2 registered design
NF2 design patent

UK Registered Design

19 November 1969
Toy Space Vehicle


US Design Patent

24 Nov 1970
Toy Space Ship

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