Spacex Space Patrol 1 & GA Space Command Ship

Early Spacex Space Patrol version with paler blue engine nacelles at right. The nacelle colour was subsequently changed to dark blue, as on the later Golden Astronaut Command Ship version at left. The Spacex series had both colour variations (as well as an even earlier version shown below) while the Golden Astronaut version probably always had dark blue nacelles.



113 mm
41 mm
22 mm

4 7/16 in
1 9/16 in
7/8 in


Shoots missiles from spring-loaded barrels


Patrol 1 markings


- Space Patrol 1, light blue nacelles, no trademark
- Space Patrol 1, dark blue nacelles, trademarked
- Space Command Ship, dark blue nacelles, trademarked


- Space Patrol 1, light blue nacelles, trademarked

Depending on when the nacelle colour and trademarking changed, there might also have been a Space Command Ship with light blue nacelles and possibly no trademark.

Earliest Space Patrol variation

Probably the oldest variation of Space Patrol 1 (right), featuring 'made in Hong Kong' marking in narrow lettering at the rear of the fuselage, body halves glued together without screws, darker blue engine nacelles (but not as dark as later versions), engine housing fins with rounded ends instead of sharply edged, bright blue landing gear showing white stress marks from having the wheels pinned in.

Prototypes & Mockups

Patrol 1 card-back photo
Multiple Toymakers catalogue picture

Spacex card back photograph (top picture) shows a Space =Police= Patrol 1 in yellow with red nacelles, which may have been an initial colour scheme for testing purposes (no production examples in these colours are known). The same colours and markings later turned up in many promotional pictures, like the example shown in JC Penney catalogues, loaded with red missiles instead of chrome-plated (below right). Multiple Toymakers catalogues show the same item in mockup packaging (below left), and even in black & white pictures it can usually be identified by the much longer name on its stickers.

Patrol 1 Penney photo


Patrol 1 Spacex card
Patrol 1 GA card


Golden Astronaut

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Patrol 1 origin

The Guardian space ship captured by the Daleks in their comic strip by Ron Turner in TV21 magazine #92 of 22 October 1966.

Registered Design/Design Patent

Patrol 1 registered design
Patrol 1 design patent

UK Registered Design

19 November 1969
Toy Vehicle


US Design Patent

24 Nov 1970
Toy Space Ship

Copies & Clones

Link to Linda patrol craft copy


link to FuturisLink to 2005andBeyond Space Patrol craft

2005 and Beyond

A friend remembers another copy by Larami.
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