Spacex Prospector & GA Moon Explorer

Spacex Prospector at right, Golden Astronaut Moon Explorer at left. Apart from the change in name sticker the two versions are identical.

Why the name was changed for the US market is a mystery. The only semi-plausible reason I can think of, is that the Prospector already existed as a larger toy under that name (see Origins section linked below) that was registered as a design in the UK, while Jack Rosenthal managed to register the design of his toy in the US. Changing the name of the toy may have helped cover the tracks a bit, but this may also be conjecture on my part.



100 mm
80 mm
50 mm

3 15/16 in
3 3/16 in
2 in


Radar dish can be turned

Wheeled arms can be removed

Prospector inside

Here's the insides of a Prospector (it arrived in the mail like this). Fitted inside the bottom is a round metal weight. The loose part is one of two brackets that hold in the main axle (the other is still in place) while also affording a bit of spring suspension. It fits over two pegs and was then attached by melting all this together with a soldering iron or such. The brown stains are dried glue residue.


Prospector markings


- Prospector, trademarked
- Moon Explorer, trademarked


- Prospector, no trademark
- Moon Explorer, no trademark


Prospector Spacex card
Moon Explorer GA card


Golden Astronaut

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Prospector origin

An unmanned mobile laboratory intended by NASA for moon exploration.

A larger toy version of the above, manufactured by Tai Hing for the Project Sword range.

Registered Design/Design Patent


Prospector design patent

UK Registered Design

Probably application nr 943302, the number missing from the series of Stage One registrations. It won't have been granted because Tai Hing already had their larger Prospector design registered.

US Design Patent

24 Nov 1970
Toy Space Exploration Vehicle

Copies & Clones

link to Roxy Prospector copy


Link to LP Prospector copy


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