Spacex Nuclear Freighter & Salvage Craft

The third toy we don't have an example of, but again we do know its origin at least.

The size of this spacecraft will probably be similar to others in the range; the question here is whether it's a combination of two spacecraft (freighter and separate salvage(d) craft) as the name could imply, or whether it's just the single yellow ship that combines the two roles. Personally I'm inclined to believe the latter, but would love to find there's two ships after all!






No pack available to show



Golden Astronaut

Blister card
in silver

Not available as GA


Nuclear Freighter & Salvage Craft origin

A salvage space ship briefly appearing at the beginning and end of a Fireball XL5 story by Eric Eden, published in TV21 magazine #87-89 in October-November 1966.

Copies & Clones

link to Ravencraft salvage craft copy

A resin gaming piece by Ravenstar based on Eric Eden's spacecraft,
here painted like the card-back illustration.

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