Spacex ATS Satellite


Front ring diameter
Solar panel span

138 mm
31 mm
108 mm

6 7/16 in
1 1/4 in
4 1/4 in


view through ATS

The toy is a simple but functioning telescope with plastic lenses. The front lens ring can be moved forwards and backwards to focus.
Magnification is 2x or so.

Solar panels and plated pods can be removed for storage (below).

ATS disassembled


ATS markings

The telescope tube carries a Spacex logo with "made in Hong Kong for Rovex Triang"

No variations known.


ATS Spacex card



Golden Astronaut

Not available as GA


ATS origin

NASA concept artwork showing an early Boeing design of the Large Space Telescope (eventually developed into the Hubble Space Telescope) orbiting near a space station.

A detailed article on this telescope also appeared in the UK in Ranger magazine, published 4 April 1966, which could also have inspired the toy.

Registered Design/Design Patent



UK Registered Design

Application Nr: 944743 or -5
As stated on blister card
(last digit illegible)

Not granted

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