Spacex Apollo & LEM

Note: at the time of the Apollo missions, the lunar lander was referred to as the Lunar Excursion Module, abbreviated as LEM. Later on this was shortened to Lunar Module or LM. For this site I'm maintaining the original name, esp since that's what the toy was called as well of course.
Also note the antenna on the blue Apollo CSM shown above is missing its top half. It normally consists of 2 x 2 little dishes.

Size - Apollo

(minus antenna)

130 mm
56 mm

62 mm

5 1/8 in
2 3/16 in

2 5/16 in

Size - LEM


83 mm
83 mm
90 mm

3 5/8 in
3 5/8 in
3 1/2 in


LEM launch mechanism

LEM attaches and detaches from Apollo Command Module.

Lever launches LEM crew module from spring-loaded tube in LEM base (left).


Apollo & LEM markings

- Apollo & LEM, marked 'Made in Hong Kong'

No variations known.


LEM Apollo Spacex box



Golden Astronaut

Box with small insert

The LEM was separately used in a promo set by the Newmark watch company

Not available as GA


Apollo & LEM origin

NASA's Apollo programme ran from 1961 to 1972; Apollo 5 being the first to employ a LEM in January 1968 for testing the craft.

Registered Design/Design Patent



UK Registered Design

Probably applied for, but not granted

Copies & Clones

link to Unknown for Clifford Apollo 11

Unknown for Clifford

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