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Early MEV2 copy by Roxy

Shown above is the early version of this toy, with wheels copied from the Spacex version. These were later changed to a new design, as shown on the later version below. For some reason, the model number was also changed on this later version, becoming Nr 2015 to replace the original Nr 2005.

Later MEV2 copy by Roxy

Toy size

- early version
- late version
(excl arm and antenna)

70 mm

41 mm
57 mm

31 mm

2 3/4 in

1 5/8 in
2 1/4 in

1 1/4 in

Roxy M5 - Spacex MEV2 comparison

With the exception of the pointy 'cow-catcher' nose and thick antennna, all dimensions of the Roxy copy are very close to those of the Spacex original but not exactly identical.


Spacex markings

Spacex without & with markings

Roxy markings

Roxy trademark

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