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Roxy Prospector - Spacex copy

Early version at left; later version at right has different wheels and a revised base (see below).

Toy size

- early version
- late version
(incl radar dish)

98 mm

79 mm
81 mm

54 mm

3 7/8 in

3 1/8 in
3 3/16 in

2 1/8 in

Roxy - Spacex Prospector comparison

The most tell-tale differences are that the Roxy copy has more and more pronounced ribs on the top cone of its body, with courser pebbling around it. But all other details are also different in dimensions/thickness to some degree.


Early & later Roxy markings
Spacex markings

Above left: Early Roxy version
Above right: Later Roxy version
Left: Spacex Prospector

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