Freighter and Salvage craft recreated by Paul Woods

Since no Spacex Nuclear Freighter & Salvage Craft have surfaced so far, Paul Woods set about making one for himself, based on the card back illustration. Bill Bulloch supplied the backing card for this tantalising impression of an elusive toy.

For an encore, Messrs Woods and Bulloch produced a few miniature versions of the Salvage Craft, using the Ravenstar gaming piece painted up in the card-back illustration colours. (use your Browser's Back button to return here)

Miniature Salvage craft produced by Paul Woods

One of Paul's many talents is his wonderful knack of taking ordinary household objects and building the most evocative representations of Spacex and Sword vehicles and spacecraft out of them. His ability to capture the essence of these toys is as uncanny as it's admirable! Paul's photographs below include four different renditions of the Spacex photonic-powered Space Station - the small one based on illustrations of the toy, the others on photographs of the one I have.

Photonic Station Mark 1 by Paul Woods Photonic Station Mark 2 by Paul Woods Photonic Station Mark 3 by Paul Woods Photonic Station Mark 4 by Paul Woods LT-10 by Paul Woods

This most convincing rendition of the Spacex LT-10 started life as a lipstick holder amongst other things. Instantly recognisable and the colours are spot-on.

Moon Buggy by Paul Woods

The LT-10 was shortly followed by this ingenious take on the Moon Buggy, with a body made from a whistle and wheels made from plastic balls.

Prospector and Orbiter by Paul Woods

The last photo shows a very abstract Sword/Spacex Prospector and a particularly inspired representation of the Spacex Lunar Orbiter sattelite. I can't help but wonder what the resourceful Mr Woods will surprise us with next!

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