Spacex Cruiser with comic strip origin

Found by Kim Stevens, the Pleasure Cruiser is copied from an aircraft appearing in Stealers of Men, published in the 1968 Boy's World annual. According to Kim, the artist is presumed to be Bruno Maraffa (some panels are signed MB), an Italian who was drawing comics in Britain at the time.

In the story, two men, Armstrong and Thorley, are abducted from their boat by what appear to be aliens. However, on the spaceship taking them away from Earth, their abductors look human and the one talking with them, Kezara, speaks perfect English. He assures Armstrong and Thorley they won't be harmed and that his people need their help.
Reaching his planet, Novimunda, Kezara takes Armstrong and Thorley on board a landing craft, but before they reach their destination he suddenly becomes very sick. Kezara just has time to explain he's dying of 'Earth-sickness' and briefly explain the controls of the ship before he dies.
Armstrong manages to land the craft in a jungle. They run into some primitive humanoids whom they save from a dinosaur before a very modern-looking aircraft finds them and lands to take them to a city.
In the city they meet Makdonalda, the prefect, who explains the planet's population is entirely descended from Earthmen, brought to the planet by its original, now extinct inhabitants. Makdonalda explains that he needs Armstrong and Thorley's help, because a rogue planet will collide with Novimunda. They are building a large space ship to evacuate the population and look for a new home. Offered the choice between a return to Earth or helping Makdonalda's people, Armstrong and Thorley decide to take part in the adventure.

other panels from comic strip

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