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Golden Astronaut Super Set box - later version with cut-outs

Later versions of the Golden Astronaut Super Set have a box lid with two cut-outs to show the moonscape and some of the toys.
Presumably this was done to give a better idea of what is inside the box and help sales, with the additional benefit that kids wouldn't try to open the box to see inside and possibly cause damage by removing the tape holding it closed.

Golden Astronaut Super Set box lid details - later version with cut-outs

Blades for the extra cut-outs have simply been added to the existing cutting die that stamps out the box lids after printing, in two places where there was no text in the layout. Contrary to other boxes, the inside shows no evidence of there having been clear plastic windows to protect the contents of the box.
The image at right shows that the date on the little inner flap wasn't changed for later production batches. This might indicate that the original printing plates were kept in store and re-used to save the expense of making new ones.

As a note, the top image is a composite of pictures of the lid and the box contents of one particular example, with the contents image turned so that the moonscape is visible through the cut-out at right. This particular example is missing the Nuclear Freighter and has an incomplete Lift Loader so these have been added/replaced as well to show a complete box.

Box size


50 cm
51 cm
4.7 cm

19 11/16 in
20 1/16 in
1 13/16 in