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Newmark Lunar Module Watch

The Newmark company had manufactured watches and movements in its own UK factory up to the 1950s, but by 1970 it had dial faces of their own design fitted to watches bought in from Switzerland.

Please note my example is missing the original sweep hand (indicating seconds). Kevin Davies had a watch like this when young and tells me the original sweep hand consisted of a clear disc with an Apollo CSM module printed on it, orbiting round the dial each minute.

Other than a standard sweep hand, my example also has replacement plastic "glass" (the original being very heavily scratched) and a new strap (Newmark new old stock), the latter chosen in line with what Bill remembers seeing at the time.

Box size


10.3 cm
10.3 cm
8.6 cm

4 1/16 in
4 1/16 in
3 3/8 in