Popper figures by H.F.

Pressing down on these figures makes the suction cup adhere to the base until the suction gets overcome by the pressure of the spring, making them jump up with a popping noise. The figures themselves have a front moulding only, hollow at the rear.

Made by H.F. in Hong Kong, the first four figures are based on a LP Apollo astronaut, a LP Mercury astronaut and two LP aliens. The red figure at right I think is based on an illustration from a Topps Ugly sticker. The green alien is some 10 cm / 4 in high (spring extended); the bases are 38 mm / 1 1/2 in across.

copy of MPC figure compared to original

In early 2015, Paul Woods spotted an OSS display box of these toys offered on eBay from Tokyo. Moktar, the seller kindly let me use his pictures, which reveal quite a few things.

H.F. display box lid

The lid is illustrated with what are obviously three toys by LP.
It's perforated, so it can be folded back to have a stand-up image behind the toys in the box.

H.F. display box front
H.F. display box side and details

The side shows a number of monsters which do not all appear in this box.
The box lid shows the H.F. trademark with the number 925-936. This might imply a total of 12 figures with individual reference numbers in that sequence.
The price sticker on the side indicates these figures were sold for 30 Yen apiece. (There sadly isn't a converter to calculate what that might do today, but at today's exchange rates, JPY 30 is just under £0.17 - US$0.25 - €0.23 respectively.)

H.F. display box open

As marked on the side, there are 48 figures packed inside.

H.F. display box contents
H.F. two figures

In the line-up there appear two additional figures, one based on another LP alien, and another astronaut with arms spread wide which is a pose I haven't seen anywhere else.

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