1966 Langdons toy catalogue

This contemporary catalogue provides a nice cross-section of Lipkin's output for his Pippin brand, which by that time had also become part of Triang. Some of the toys shown had initially been marketed under the LRL running clown brand.
Toys with ref nrs in the 6000 range I believe will originally have been Plaston toys, since the (admittedly) few I've seen all have four-digit numbers starting with 6, and Guiterman went into voluntary liquidation in March 1966. The Flippy Frogman (nr 6601 on the third page below) is indeed a Plaston toy, included on the previous page of this section.

Pippin Toys in 1966 Langdons toy catalogue Pippin Toys in 1966 Langdons toy catalogue Pippin Toys in 1966 Langdons toy catalogue Pippin Toys in 1966 Langdons toy catalogue

Multi-Slot Money Box

The money box previously sold under the LRL running clown trademark, shown here with its later Pippin box. It has seven separate compartments for holding various denominations of (pre-decimal) pennies and shillings, and came with two keys to keep it locked.

Pippin Multislot Money Box by Raphael Lipkin Ltd

The previous LRL-branded box is shown on the LRL page (use link on that page to return here).

Nuffield Tractor

This was another long-running Lipkin toy, initially being sold under the LRL running clown brand. It's shown here in its later Pippin box with updated graphics. The Nuffield trademark is also included, which might indicate another agreement or co-operation. The tractor has ref. nr. 1078, which would indicate it's an earlier model than the Massey-Harris/Countryman tractor (see second catalogue page above and LRL page in this section).

Nuffield Tractor by Raphael Lipkin Ltd

Massey-Ferguson Combine Harvester

Another impressive and well-detailed farm toy, shown here with a box that originally had very vivid colouring in primary colours, now sadly rather faded.

Massey-Ferguson Combine Harvester by Raphael Lipkin Ltd

Barrel Bank

This money bank has a turning knob to register the number of pennies and shillings it has been fed. It's marked underneath as Made in England with Regd. Des. No. 923411. The Pippin box has the same information plus the reference no. 1127.

Pippin Toys Barrel Bank by Raphael Lipkin Ltd

Super Loco set

A nicely engineered train set, battery powered despite its deceptively simple looks.

Pippin Super Loco train set by Raphael Lipkin Ltd

As a note, Joanne holds the official Guinness record for the world's largest Mr Men collection!

Modern Miss Mixer

This hand-cranked mixer existed in various colours, and was sturdily-made for actual use.

Modern Miss Mixer by Raphael Lipkin Ltd

Toys based on others' inventions

Whirly Wizard set

Pippin Whirly Wizard set by Raphael Lipkin Ltd

The wizard figure in this set produces patterns like a Spirograph, but in a completely different way. The wizard holds a pen, and is held on top of the paper by magnets. Tilting the wizard or adjusting the mount on the rotating base allow changing the patterns made by turning the handle to make him move along the paper. The set has ref. nr. 1132.

Pippin Whirly Wizard set by Raphael Lipkin Ltd

According to the patent information mentioned on the box, the basic mechanism was invented by Tom Bowen for S. Smith & Sons, the patent being granted in June 1964 (opens in new window; drawings start on p5 of the document).

Funny Men

Funny Men circus set by Raphael Lipkin Ltd

The Funny Men are Lipkin's licensed version of the Acrobates invented by René Ach in France (which were also manufactured and sold by other companies under other names in other countries). These delightful figures and their accessories can be clipped together in many different ways, and came in sets of various sizes. The Circus set shown has ref. nr. 1141 and is probably the largest.

Funny Men catalogue items

I believe it's Lipkin who developed the fire truck and cannon shown above. The cannon I've only seen offered in the UK, and the fire truck is very different to the one sold on the German market by another manufacturer.

Funny Firemen by Raphael Lipkin Ltd

For those interested, I've written three blog posts for Moonbase Central about the Acrobates and their inventor René Ach: part 1, part 2, part 3. (open in new windows)

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