Multi Slot Money Box

This money box is one of the oldest Lipkin toys, with the LRL running clown trademark on its box. It has seven separate compartments for holding various denominations of (pre-decimal) pennies and shillings, the side of the box stating it would hold £4-10-3 when full (4 Pounds,
10 shillings and thruppence).

Multislot Money Box by Raphael Lipkin Ltd

This item was subsequently sold in a new box under the Pippin brand (use link on Pippin page to return here).

Massey-Harris Tractor and Trailer

Also amongst the earliest Lipkin toys, as is evident from the graphic style of the box artwork (the LRL running clown trademark isn't visible in this image, but present on the side flaps of the boxes). It's possible these toys were made in association with Massey-Harris, their own trademarks being also included on the box.

Massey-Harris Tractor and Trailer by Raphael Lipkin Ltd

Whether any agreement with Massey-Harris existed or not, their name was eventually removed from both toy and box, the toy now becoming a generic Model Farm Tractor. The graphics on the box are in a much more modern style, but the LRL trademark is still present.

Model Farm Tractor by Raphael Lipkin Ltd

Both tractor and trailer were next moved to the Pippin brand, and given a fictitious 'Countryman' name (you'll find them on the second catalogue page included on the Pippin page of this section, with ref nr 1098).

Pull-Apart Farm Tractor

Another of Lipkin's tractors, modelled on a Lanz Bulldog as is moulded in on its right-hand bonnet side. Whether this had also been available in a named box is unknown.

Pull-Apart Farm Tractor by Raphael Lipkin Ltd

Finely engineered and with good detail even in the polythene body, all Lipkin's tractors could be taken apart and reassembled as shown on the box flaps. Other toys in the 'Pull-Apart' range included a steam roller and a Land Rover.

Pull-Apart Farm Tractor box

Matchbox Garage

The Matchbox MG1 service station produced by Lipkin for Lesney in 1956-7 (with Lesney's own diecast pumps and sign sold separately in the A1 Accessory Pack). Lipkin's LRL trademark is visible on each side of the box illustration. Two years later Lesney had the capacity to manufacture their own large plastic toys, whereupon Lipkin offered his version through his Pippin brand.

Matchbox service station by Raphael Lipkin Ltd

More images of the Matchbox and Pippin service stations can be seen on the Vintage British Diecasts site, the Pippin box on a Model Kit Collecting forum entry, though sadly not the side having the Pippin trademark (open in new windows).

Little Miss Salter Kitchen Scale

Produced "in conjunction with Geo Salter & Co Ltd" as it says on the box, Salter being a leading brand of real kitchen scales. It'd be interesting to know whether this co-operation was inspired by or the inspiration for Lipkin producing other toy kitchenware, such as the mixer he designed for his Pippin brand (see that page). However they came about, these scales will have been an attractive proposition for both parties, who both had their trademark on the box. The scales were also available in the other colour combinations illustrated on the box.

Little Miss Salter Kitchen Scale by Raphael Lipkin Ltd with later box Little Miss Salter Kitchen Scale by Raphael Lipkin Ltd in early box

The durable popularity of these scales merited at least one update to the design of the box as illustrated by the earlier example above. The mechanism will certainly have been produced by Salter, or perhaps the entire toy as Salter produced real scales in plastic as well at the time. The iconic design is one Salter had made for decades in metal, and the company exists to this day (note: if this direct link to their history page gets you bounced back to their homepage, then the history page is linked under 'about us' at bottom left).

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