Pippin Spacex Soyuz 6 and 7

Rare to see toys of Soviet spacecraft offered by a Western company in 1970. It wasn't until the later Apollo-Soyuz link-up in 1975 that model kits of these spacecraft were produced in America and Japan, while a nice constructional toy appeared in the USSR.*

Note: the blue Soyuz 7 above was missing its port-side solar panel, which I've replaced with a copy in polyurethane resin. Both toys had lost their radar masts, so I've reproduced these based on the very good side-view photograph in the design registration document for these toys.

Size (each)

(minus docking pin on Soyuz 6)
Width (solar panels fully extended)
Height (minus
radar masts)

78 mm

90 mm

32 mm

3 1/16 in

3 9/16 in

1 1/4 in


Pippin Spacex Soyuzes coupled
Detail of Soyuz front ends

Each Soyuz has a magnet in the nose to allow the two toys to be coupled together. Presumably the magnets have lost some of their strength over time, for they're now not strong enough to lift the weight of one Soyuz while coupled to the other.

The hinged solar panels can be swung up or down.

The radar masts can be swivelled round.


Pippin Soyuz bottom view

Other than a sticker with the Soyuz 6 or 7 name, these toys don't carry a trademark or even a Made in Hong Kong marking.

No variations known.


No pack available to show



Golden Astronaut

Probably a box similar to that for the LEM Apollo (qv).
I believe the Soyuz pair were part of the Earth Launch theme, so the box would be orange.

Not available as GA


Soyuz origin

These toys are somewhat simplified representations of real Soyuz spacecraft, the main Soviet spacecraft of the time which continues to be developed and remains in service to this day.

Registered Design/Design Patent

Soyuz 6&7 registered design


UK Registered Design

8 July 1970
Toy Space Vehicle

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*: Moonbase Central has saved a picture of the Soviet toy (opens in new window).
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