Spacex Rescue Craft R6


(incl stage)
(minus antenna)

Rocket stage

82 mm
40 mm

34 mm

28 mm
19 mm

3 1/4 in
1 9/16 in

1 7/16 in

1 1/16 in
3/4 in


R6 escape pod

Rocket stage detaches

Escape pod (left) launches from spring-loaded hatch

Radar dish can be swivelled


R6 markings


- Rescue 6, unmarked
- Rescue 6, marked "Made in Hong Kong" on one side underneath

Red shade can vary; clear bubble canopy exists in varying shades of blue.

- The name stickers on the tails exist in different typefaces (below).

R6 stickers

Prototypes & Mockups

Rescue 6 prototype

The Representations photographs for the design registration (linked below) show a prototype for this toy. Despite mould lines on its body (visible in other photographs), the Rescue Craft toy shown is definitely not a production item. The craft's body doesn't have any panel lines moulded in, nor does the rocket stage attached at the rear. Next, instead of the ejecting escape pod on the production model, a hinged opening hatch cover is present here. Operated by a lever instead of the push button found on the production version.
It has R2 stickers on its tails from a Reconnaissance craft, while the sticker on the rocket stage has the flag back to front and without the craft's name on it.


Rescue 6 Spacex card



Golden Astronaut

Not available as GA


Aerojet rescue craft is R6 origin

A shuttle craft design by Aerojet to be launched on top of a booster rocket.

The R6 engine detail is copied from a part from the Saturn V rocket kit by Airfix.

Registered Design/Design Patent

Rescue 6 registered design


UK Registered Design

29 April 1970
Toy Space Vehicle

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