Spacex GA Mobile Moon HQ

The two colour versions of the Mobile Moon HQ, which were available at the same time and are identical for both the Spacex and Golden Astronaut versions.



100 mm
22 mm

3 15/16 in
7/8 in
1 15/16 in


Radar dish can be turned


Mobile HQ markings


- White over orange, no trademark
- Orange over white, no trademark

Judging by an example found in a post-production assortment, I believe the Mobile HQ never carried a trademark
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Both body colours can have either a yellow or blue cockpit dome and side windows.

Mobile HQ colours

Prototypes & Mockups

Mobile HQ card-back photo
GA card mockup

Spacex card back photograph shows what are probably pre-production colours of white over pale blue, with a radar dish that is smooth inside (top picture). A darker blue over white is shown in mock-up Golden Astronaut packaging in Multiple Toymakers catalogues (lower left).

A (presumably older) pre-production version shown in an early PR photograph has taller, more rounded windows with a distinctive door in the middle (below).

Mobile HQ in early PR photo


Mobile HQ Spacex card
Mobile HQ GA card


Golden Astronaut

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Mobile HQ origin

An illustration by I. Teece in the Collins Space Flight book, published 1962.

LP made a vehicle quite similar to this illustration.

The design was next adapted for the Project Sword Moon Bus.

Registered Design/Design Patent

Mobile HQ registered design
Mobile HQ design patent

UK Registered Design

19 November 1969
Toy Vehicle


US Design Patent

24 Nov 1970
Toy Space Exploration Vehicle

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