Spacex Golden Astronaut figures



1/72 to 1/76

Height differs due to individual poses and varying thickness of bases.


Astronaut markings


Gold colour varies, because it is yellow varnish applied over chrome plating in varying thickness. It can include darker stains, and in some cases can also be missing completely leaving a silver-coloured figure (see main picture above).


Whether figures have no markings or carry the LP trademark with "Made in Hong Kong" text depends on who made the original figure design. See Origin page for details. Both marked and unmarked figures were used throughout Spacex availability.

unmarked figure on card marked figure on card

Moon Base figures

Moon base figures

The large Moon Base includes six figures different from the others: three seated figures (two in plain white plastic) and three walking figures (also two in white) which are a full head smaller in scale than the regular-sized version (picture shows regular-sized figure at left for comparison).

Later series figures

Later Spacex figure Later GA figure

Pippin Spacex and its Golden Astronauts equivalent often have plain plated figures with no extra yellow varnish. In addition, the figures shown are designs by LP but no longer carry that trademark.


Each single vehicle came with one (random) figure on its blister card; larger vehicles and sets included two to six figures (see toy set pages).


Figures origins

Eight of the fourteen figures are probably original designs by LP, the others (including the moonbase figures) are copied from various figures by MPC and Multiple Toymakers.

Most figures have details showing they're also based on real-life pressure suits.

Copies & Clones

Figure copies

In the strictest sense, copies of the figures by LP as supplied with Spacex can also be found in later sets by LP and other brands for which LP supplied the figures. Linda produced a more crude copy of at least one LP figure. Sitap copied a few Spacex figures based on MT 5" originals.

In a wider sense, copies of the original figures by LP, MPC and MT can be found in a wide variety of colours, sizes and brands (use your browser's Back button to return here).


link to Spacex crew figures overview

Many Spacex vehicles have figures representing drivers, pilots and crew in the cockpit. Here's an overview.

A final mystery...

Strange Spacex figure

As with all things Spacex, just when you think you've got a part of the story reasonably covered, along comes a new surprise. The figure above comes with my GA Lift Loader on early card. It's quite a bit shorter than the other figures, and clearly derived from the same MT design as the regular figure shown in comparison. But the why and whatfor is anybody's guess...
And later I found another one in a Spacex Moon Base set (below at right), showing these figures stayed in the mix for a considerable time. And where the clear differences in detail definitely prove it's a different moulding and not a regular figure that shrunk in the wash. :)

strange small figure nr 2 strange small figure nr 3

And yet another one (above at left) in another Spacex Moon Base set.

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