Astronaut figures origin intro pic

The astronaut figures supplied with Spacex toys have a number of different origins. Initially, they're all derived from other toy figures. And most also show details that are clearly based on real-life pressure suit designs.

link to LP figures origin page

Eight figures appear to be original designs by LP, which had previously been available in various sets of space toys produced by that company.

link to MPC figures origin page

Two others, as well as the figures supplied with the moonbase, are copied from designs by MPC.

link to MT figures origin page

The remaining four figures are derived from another series of larger-sized figures sold by Multiple Toymakers.

As a note, I've sometimes seen Spacex figures described as being copies of Marx designs (even apart from word-spamming on eBay). I don't know much about Marx toys, but have seen more than enough of their figures over the years to know this isn't the case. There are Marx spacemen that come close to some MPC figures in general impression, but so far I haven't seen any Marx figures identical - especially in pose - to any of the Spacex figures.

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