1969 Harrogate toy fair catalogue page detail

Rovex, which had become part of Triang in 1951, was amongst the participants at the Harrogate International Toy Fair in the UK. The "exciting range ... for the wholesaler" I believe to be Spacex, since this was destined to be sold by the Rovex Wholesale Department. The fact that the Spacex name isn't mentioned will be because entries for this catalogue had to be submitted well in advance, while the Spacex range hadn't been publicly announced yet.

1969 Harrogate toy fair catalogue page

Page of Harrogate Toy Fair participants incl Rovex. "Ground Floor" and the CR room numbers refer to the Crown Hotel in Harrogate where the Fair was staged.

1969 Harrogate toy fair catalogue cover

Harrogate Toy Fair
1969 catalogue cover

My thanks to Siobhan at HITF Ltd. and also Adrian Sneyd years later, for digging up their catalogues from the archives. Sadly, their archives don't hold any pictures taken at the event. Nor do the archives of the Crown Hotel, where I also enquired.

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