Page from 1969 SB Toy Book

Steinberg-Baum were a franchise chain of discount stores in the greater Chicago region. In their 24-page Toy Book for Xmas 1969 appear a number of toys by Multiple Toymakers as well as Miner Industries.

Priced at $1.99 (instead of the suggested retail price of $3.-) the catalogue shows the Golden Astronaut Interplanetary Patrol set. The box of which is clearly a mockup version without any text on the box sides, and probably also lacking the plastic window to ensure the toys stand out in the photograph. The Space Patrol craft again has Space Police Patrol stickers.

Like every other advertiser at the time, Miner will have made available both colour transparancies and B&W line art bromide sheets (also known by their product name PMT) showing these mocked-up pack shots. The company logo would also be supplied on a bromide sheet (and it's interesting to note that the Multiple Toymakers 'M' still has two dots over it, which had subsequently been dropped from the trademark and aren't found on GA packaging). For a B&W publication such as this catalogue, the layout artist would cut out the pictures, possibly resize them with a repro camera, and paste them on his pasteboard together with other graphics and text from the photosetters. At prepress, the completed page would then be copied on to a single piece of transparent film (one for each colour to be printed, two in this case) which would be used to expose the printing plates used on the press.

GA set in 1969 SB Toy Book

Detail from Steinberg-Baum catalogue page shown at top

Below are other Multiple Toymakers and Miner products from this catalogue.
Listed product numbers match those found on the packaging.

Fort Frontier set by Multiple Toymakers Superman bop bag by Multiple Toymakers Car case by Miner Girls' luggage sets by Miner
1969 Steinberg-Baum Toy Book cover

1969 Steinberg-Baum Toy Book cover,
supplement to Chicago Sun-Times, Nov 30, 1969.

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As a final note, while looking into this company I found that Steinberg-Baum went bankrupt a few years later, after being indicted for serious tax fraud which caused a number of the company's principals to flee the US.