Ward's catalogue page with GA listing

Next to offering two regular Golden Astronaut boxed sets - Launch Site and Moon Exploration - Ward's also had its own exclusive set that combined the contents of the two regular sets with a further nine vehicles for $6.88. What this looked like we sadly don't know, and why Ward's didn't offer the Interplanetary Patrol set or the remaining two vehicles is also a mystery. None of the GA sets appeared in their 1970 catalogue, being replaced with their own exclusive Moon Exploration set instead (use your browser's Back button to return here).

Even though the page is in black and white, it's clear that the Space Command Ship pictured is again the yellow one that also appears on Spacex card backs and in the Penney catalogue. If it was in production orange, then it should appear as dark as the Hawk that was produced in the same colour. The Lift Loader shown is actually a Spacex Forklift 7, carrying that sticker and being shown light enough to be orange rather than dark blue. Similarly the Terrain Tiger is dark enough to be a red Spacex Tractor T-5 instead of a much lighter yellow colour. Possibly some other vehicles also carry their Spacex name tags, but there's not enough detail in the picture to see for sure.

Text detail from Ward's catalogue page

Text detail from Ward's catalogue page shown at top

Montgomery Ward 1969 catalogue cover

Montgomery Ward
1969 catalogue cover

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