Spacex Apollo Tracker and Cricket P1 with Hamilton Invaders Mosquite Jeep

The Apollo Tracker uses the Spacex Cricket patrol vehicle's body, with a radar dish array replacing the Cricket's rocket launcher, and a small radar dish replacing the plated grille on the Cricket's nose. The Cricket itself is based on the Hamilton Invaders' Mosquito Jeep by Remco. See Cricket description for details. (Use your browser's Back button to return here)

Imai Crawler and Spacex Apollo Tracker dishes compared

The Apollo Tracker's array of three dishes may well have been inspired by Imai's Crawler. This model kit was first introduced in 1968-69; nicely in time for the Apollo Tracker, which was most likely designed at the start of 1970.

Imai Crawler and box

As a note, Thunderbirds fans may be amused to see the Crawler is sitting on a dual Vickers Vigor tractor chassis, much like the Mole, Firefly and various other Thunderbirds vehicles. No doubt borrowed from an Imai kit of one of those.

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