Futuristic pack rear

Box size


12.1 cm
7.9 cm

14.3 cm

4 3/4 in
3 1/8 in

5 5/8 in

A rare instance of a cheap toy series having the entire range shown on the pack, so valuable to today's collector. The pack itself is large for the toy it contains, and, together with the chrome plating on the toys, probably intended to provide an air of luxury to these poorly made vehicles.

When looking closely at the illustrations, it's clear that the top three are based on the Futuristic toys, whereas the lower three actually show Spacex models. The Space Patrol illustration clearly shows the open mudguards of a Spacex Cricket (as opposed to the closed ones on the Futuristic copy); the Eagle illustration shows the pointed panels in front of the air intakes on the body sides which only feature on the Spacex Hawk and not the Futuristic Eagle, and the Nova II illustration actually shows the vehicle with 'Cruiser 1' marked on the side.

Futuristic pack side

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