Golden Wings 'Copter Pilot card

The rotor and wheels of Helicopter P3 have been copied for the Golden Wings helicopter shown above, sold by Gordy International of Yonkers, NY. The proportions of the Golden Wings rotor are identical to the later version of the Spacex P3 rotor, in having the shorter secondary blades (Spacex rotor shown in comparison is the first version with longer secondary blades). Although different in size, the resemblance of these components is obvious.

comparison of Spacex and Golden Wings helicopter details

Toy size


Width (wheels)
Rotor span

102 mm
40 mm
35 mm
76 mm

4 in
1 9/16 in
1 3/8 in
3 in

The Golden Wings helicopter is a model of a Sikorsky H-19 Chikasaw which first flew in 1950 and saw use by all US forces (with NASA making use of a few belonging to the US Army). The JH-19D at right was taken at NASA-Langley in 1965 and carries a model Apollo capsule for splashdown testing.

Sikorsky Chickasaw helicopters Golden Wings Piacecki H-18

Marked "Golden Wings Copter Service" on the sides, this twin rotor helicopter is based on a Piasecki H-18 that again is fitted with rotors and wheels copied from those of the Spacex Helicopter P3. The H-18 was a large transport helicopter; a very promising design (Revell immediately made a model kit of it) which sadly came to nothing after the second prototype crashed. More on VerticalMag (opens in new window).

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