Terrain Tiger & Tractor T5

Early red version of the Spacex Tractor T-5 at right, which subsequently was changed to yellow. Golden Astronaut Terrain Tiger at left, which only appeared in that colour.



68 mm
40 mm
35 mm

2 11/16 in
1 9/16 in
1 3/8 in


Working winch


T5 markings


- Red with T-5 sticker, no trademark
- Yellow with T-5 sticker, trademarked
- Yellow with T-T sticker, trademarked


- Red with T-5 sticker, trademarked
- Yellow with T-5 sticker, no trademark
- Yellow with T-T sticker, no trademark

As a note, the design registration document for the Tractor (linked below) is dated 22 August 1969 and still shows a version without a trademark.

Prototypes & Mockups

T5 card-back photo

Spacex card back photograph shows a Tractor T-5 fitted with five-spoked wheel hubs, showing the black of the wheel through the holes between the spokes. The window glass has almost no tinting, and reveals a detail moulded in green inside that isn't present in production models.


T5 Spacex card
TT GA card


Golden Astronaut

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T5 origin

An illustration by Eric Eden in a feature in TV21 magazine #87 of 17 September 1966, showing the vehicle towing a longboat in the 2066 celebrations of the Battle of Hastings 1000th anniversary.

The cab design of both vehicles is based on that of the Thunderbirds Transmitter Truck (aka Jodrell 6) which subsequently reappeared in this TV series in other guises and colours.

Registered Design/Design Patent

T5 registered design
T5 design patent

UK Registered Design

19 November 1969
Toy Vehicle


US Design Patent

24 Nov 1970
Toy Vehicle

Copies & Clones

link to Mexican Tractor T5 copy

Lili Ledy

Link to Mortoys Tractor copy


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