GA vacuformed moonscape

Although not specified on the GA Super Set box, this vacuformed moonscape will most likely have been produced in the US, much like the Spacex equivalent was made in the UK as stated on the Spacex Superset 1 box.



260 mm
262 mm
20 mm

10 1/4 in
10 5/16 in
3/4 in

GA vacuformed moonscape

While the Spacex moonscape has spray-painted highlights, the GA version has highlights in white and shadows in dark blue, screenprinted in a coarse pattern of halftone dots. Each flat sheet of purple plastic will have been printed before being shaped into 3 dimensions.


Possible shade differences in printed highlights, and possible differences in cut out shape

Doesn't carry any markings



GA Super Set


Golden Astronaut

Not available as Spacex

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GA moonscape origin

The Spacex moon surface, in idea and method if not in detail, which was in turn based on the moonscape included with the Triang-produced Johnny Astro set.

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